What is ARTCHYP?

ARTCHYP is a unique and patented product from Artyou Global. It is an information indexer that is in the Artyou cloud with the Real Object.

It has several functionalities, such as:

  • accelerate the cataloging process
  • assist in the part identification process
  • collaborate with the author’s identification
  • identify the author and verify veracity

ARTCHYP has several shapes and can be used in various applications:

  • adhesive to paste behind the frame
  • with cord to put on a sculpture
  • with water-based glue to put on a chassis
  • made of colorless PVC and without glue for use in documentation
  • identification card

In many ways ARTCHYP can help you identify the parts and make your work much faster! Use with our Productivity application.

Consult the ARTCHYP website

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