How to show the stories of my Artwork (Object)?

Have you purchased a new work of Art and want to show the history of the Work to your friends?

With Artyou it’s much simpler!

Printing a QR Code

Enter the webapp, with your login and password

If you have not yet registered, click here. If you’re using the app for smartphones, it’s the same login and password. If you forgot, here’s how to get a new password.
After entering the webapp, you will see the Home screen. Look in the “Collection”

Under Collection, look for the Object to which you want to print a label

Open this object

In the upper right side of each Object, there is a QR Code. Just click on it and the QR Code will download automatically.

Open the QR Code and print it to a size you prefer

Ready! Now all people can know the stories of your new work of art!

If you prefer to leave this visualization even more discreet and without people being able to take the information for later, buy ARTCHYP, requesting the budget for our team

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